Donations Policy

Dar al Qur’an Auckland hosts community events and classes to deepen our communities love of the Prophet (SAW) and Allah (SWT).  

Our aim is to one day became a place where people can come and learn about the Prophet (SAW) and Allah (SWT) through gatherings of remembrance, informal and formal classes for no cost, with funding from a generous community of regular donors and supporters. 

We aim to provide our services for the sake of Allah (SWT). 

However in order to do that we first need to have a sustainable pool of funding. 

This donations policy outlines some of the ways in which we hope to become a sustainable organisation with no financial barriers to participation. 


Community events

There are no fees for community events but we ask that people consider donating through our donations box for the costs of running Dar al Qur’an including rent, utilities, publicity, hosting overseas speakers and our building project. 

We also recommend that people that regularly attend our community events consider, if they haven’t already, to become regular donors by direct debit or automatic payment. The minimum we are asking for regular giving is $20 per person or $40 per family a month. 



Regular donors to the Dar al Quran project have unlimited access to our programmes.

To become a regular donor to the Dar al Quran project please set up an automatic payment. 

Please email to let us know that the automatic payment has been set up. 

If you choose not to make a regular donation to the Dar al Quran project the fees for each term for the Foundations and hifz programmes are $250 per student. 

There is an additional $100 enrollment fee per student that is due by the end of February 2022. 


What your regular donations will help us do

Your regular donation will cover the costs of running Dar al Qur’an and contribute to our building project. When we have sufficient regular donations we will be able to hire teachers, expanding our programming to teach children, hold more classes on more topics and move towards our vision for a home for people to learn and memorise Qur’an in the spirit of the Prophet (SAW).