About Us

Sowing the seeds of Prophetic inheritance.

Dar al-Quran

Dar al-Quran Auckland is an organisation dedicated to the teaching of Islamic spirituality and sciences, and the Quran, for all ages in New Zealand. 

We currently provide classes in Quranic recitation and Islamic spirituality for women, men and children.

We host regular events for the community. 

Our approach to teaching of the Quran and Islamic sciences is rooted in a love of Allah swt and the Prophet Muhammed pbuh, and an appreciation of the unique cultural context of New Zealand.

The Dar is a project of the Lote Tree Trust.
To find out more about the trust visit www.lotetree.nz

Our Teachers

Ustadha Um Muhammad

Ustadha Um Muhammad is the Principal of Dar Al Quran. She had a background in politics and law before studying the Islamic Sciences in Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen. She specialises in Quran and holds ijazah (traditional teaching licence) from Egypt. 

She served as the Principal of Dar Al Zahra one of the foremost Islamic seminaries in the world for women in Tarim, Yemen.

She has been involved in setting up three schools most recently a sustainable green Muslim school in Vanuatu. She runs classes for women and has her own Education Consultancy through which she trains teachers and develops resources.

Ustadha Iffah Mohamad

Ustatha Iffah Muhammad did Islamic studies at the Hikma Institute in Singapore.

She is currently furthering her islamic studies in the Dar Al Quran Full time programme, pursuing other education opportunities and teaches our foundations programme.

Ustadh Ebraheem

Ustadh Ebraheem is a Hafidh of the Quran. He studied in South Africa where he was born and spent most of his childhood before completing his memorisation in New Zealand where he continues to pursue his islamic learning.

Ustadh Ebraheem currently teaches the Foundations Programme.

Ustadh Haamid

Ustadh Haamid memorised the Quran in Australia, learnt Arabic in Egypt and studied the Islamic sciences at the Dar Al Mustafa institute in Yemen.

Haamid teaches the Foundations Programme and other adult education programmes offered periodically through Dar Al Quran.

Ustadh Ahmad

Ustadh Ahmad memorised the Quran and studied the Islamic sciences in Egypt and then  at the Dar Al Mustafa institute in Yemen.

He is the primary instructor in the full time boys programme whilst continuing to study towards his degree.

Ustadha Rowan

Ustadh Rowan studied psychology at university. He has been a keen learner of the Islamic Sciences since becoming Muslim in 2016 travelling overseas for intensives, studying through distance learning programmes and taking all opportunities to connect with local and visiting scholars.

Ustadh Rowan is a full time student at Dar Al Quran and teaches the Foundations programme.

Ustadh Mustafa

Ustadh Mustafa has an undergraduate degree from the University of Canterbury and is currently completing his Masters degree through Massey University.

He spent one year doing his islamic Studies in Cairo before being forced to return due to covid 19. He is continuing his full time Islamic Studies at Dar Al Quran and teaches the Foundations programme.