Our Programmes

The Foundation Programme

The Dar al Quran Foundations Programme is an extended Islamic essentials course for school-aged students. The curriculum is designed to give learners a strong grounding in their faith in a practical format. The aim is to instil in the student a strong attachment to the Quran, the Sunna, and the traditional etiquettes of Muslim culture.

Who is this programme for:

Children and young adults between 5 and 18. 

Subjects covered:
  • Theoretical Tajweed
  • Basics of Faith (fard `ayn knowledge)
  • Personal Development and Self-discipline (khidma and adab)

Students are also encouraged to participate in daily tasks such as cleaning, preparing and serving meals, and are coached in peer leadership and stewardship. There are separate streams for each gender.

Class times:
  • 9:00 am to 12.30 pm, every Sunday in the NZ school term.
  • 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, every Tuesday in the NZ school term.

The sessions on Tuesday evenings are held through Zoom, and usually last 10 to 15 minutes per student. Slots are allocated by the teacher.


​Families enrolled in our programmes are encouraged to become regular supporters to help sustain Dar al Quran.

The recommended donation to sustain our programmes is $50 a week per family.

All supporter donations are eligible for a 33% tax refund as we are a registered charitable organisation.

Donation receipts are issued during April for the previous financial year.


Applications for the Foundation Programme are open. When we receive your form we will be in touch to discuss the next steps and advise a date for the next intake.

The Full Time Brothers’ Hifz Programme

The Dar al Quran Full Time Brothers’ Programme is an intensive islamic studies programme focussed on memorising the Quran.

Our unique programme aims to give young men a strong grounding in Islam. The programme has a rigorous academic focus while also giving equal attention to personal development.

Who is this programme for:

Enrolments are encouraged for any male age above 14, enrolments for under 14s are considered and are assessed at the discretion of the Principal.

Our current student body is diverse ranging from young adults to university graduates.

Subjects covered:
  1. Memorising Quran
  2. Intensive Islāmic Studies Curriculum includes: 
  • Islamic Spirituality (tazkiya)
  • Responsibilities of Adulthood (takleef)
  • Individual obligations (Fard Ain)
  • Good Character (Akhlaq)
  • Social etiquette (Muāsharah)
  • Hadith – memorisation and text (Prophetic Tradition)
  • Litanies and Supplication memorisation (Awrād and Duā)
  • Community Engagement
  • Leadership development
  • Everyday Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

In addition to the core curriculum there is a strong mentoring element aimed at helping the young person to contextualise their learnings and implement them in the real world. Students are encouraged to ask questions.

Class times:

Classes run on all weeks during school terms at the following times:

  • 7am – 2pm Monday to Friday

The course fee is $1500 per term.

A scholarship program is available for dedicated, eligible students.

Based on eligibility criteria, tuition fees and an allowance for living expenses may be granted.


Applications for the Full Time Brothers Hifz programme are open. When we receive your form we will be in touch to discuss the next steps and advise a date for the next intake.

Weekly Gathering of Remembrance

The ‘Weekly Gathering of Remembrance’ is our longest running programme, it is an opportunity to come together as a whole community, reflect and share a meal.

Who is this programme for:

The whole family.


Every Thursday night: official programme 7:15 – 8:15 followed by dinner.

Other Programmes

Dar al quran runs one off programmes and hosts international scholar tours throughout the year and details are posted on social media. The best way to stay updated is to follow us on our telegram channel:

To join our telegram channel you can follow this link: https://t.me/daralquranauckland

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