Alhumdullilah, we had a full house for our final Gathering at the Dar House. The evening began with a heartfelt recitation of Salaah Tafrijiyah – (the Prayer of Relief) – also known as Salah Naariya. This was followed by the Dua Nasiri for supplications for social justice, economic growth and abundance, and honest, effective political actions through Divine providence and spiritual illumination.

We took a break for a potluck dinner, where many hands came together to provide a blessed and bountiful meal for our attendees. After dinner, the gathering continued with a recitation of the Ad-Diya al Lami (The Resplendent Illumination, a book of praise and prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

Alhumdullilah, for our final gathering in the house, we came together as a community in commemoration rather than commiseration. We celebrated the moments and occasions that we as a community enjoyed during our residency there.

As we closed our gathering, we received beneficial reminders by Ustaad Haamid and Ustaad Qays about remaining upon our intentions in serving Allah for ‘that which is for and with Allah will remain, all other than that shall perish’, and ‘the more we thank Allah for the blessings one has been blessed with, the more He increases’. These were reminders of gratitude, and a lesson in the perspective and understandings of Divine Aid.

We thank our community for years of service, for coming together to help build a home, a community, and a spiritual hub. We shall carry on with purpose into the future, with our memories and experiences sealed in our hearts, not in the walls.